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February 2013 - Competition of ideas and projects for the candidacy of Bolzano with Venice and the North-East as European Cultural Capital 2019: Fanes Poem Musical  is one of the 10 winners

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WOMEN AND MINORITIES IN MEDIA FESTIVAL 2012 –Towson University College of Fine Arts and Communication, MARYLAND (USA): Winner – Music Production

The first aim of this cultural project is to give to one of the most precious inheritances in oral Ladin dolomitic tradition -that is also characterised by various classical themes- a new and privileged means of transmission through the filmic performance, achieving a living preservation of the legend and an efficacious reception both by Ladin people and by a larger public. Interpretation and adaptation of the legend are inspired by the longing for the best presentation of the plot in today's reality, deeply bound to the various dolomitic settings as well as to different elements and colours in mountain's nature.

The film was shot in summer 2005 in some of the most fascinating dolomitic scenaries, such as the Fanes' plateau, the S.Nicolò valley in Fassa and Lake Braies.

Except of the three promoters of this cultural project there were involved in the production of the film almost hundred volunteers -as principal actors, extras, collaborators- from the vallies Badia, Gherdëina and Fascia. In the film they speak their own Ladin idiom, so that it results a meeting of linguistic varieties of this very ancient alpine language, Ladin, yet spoken today and acknowledged as minority language. Indeed the presence of different Ladin idioms in the film shows in most of cases a correspondence between the contemporary Ladin idiom spoken by the actors in today's reality and their place of origin in the legend: the king of Fanes speaks mareo (Ladin of northern Badia valley), the queen of Fanes and Dolasila badiot (Ladin of southern Badia valley), Ey de Net, the prince of the Cajutés and the chiefs of Fanes' neighbour people fascian (Ladin of Fassa valley), Spina de Mul and Tsicuta gherdëina (Ladin of Gherdëina valley).

Also the film-music was realized following a particular aim: there were involved musicians from the valleys Badia -first of all members of the band of Badia with the conductor and co-responsible for the arrangement Fridl Pescoller-and Gherdëina . The music is played with instruments that should remind of ancient times -such as wind instruments and percussions- and the female voice (Susy Rottonara, soprano) characterises the quite complex figure of Dolasila / Lujanta, expressing her feelings about the different happenings in the legend.
Le Rëgn de Fanes has won the following awards:

- best film music winner at Renderyard Film Festival 2007 in London
- "Best International Score" at theGarden State Film Festival 2008 in Asbury Park - New Jersey (USA)
- 5 awards at the Los Angeles Reel Film Festival 2009: 2. place in the category Foreign Films
1. place Best Foreign Film Digital Effects
1. place Best Foreign Film Special Effect (Make-up)
1. place Best Foreign Film Stunts
1. place Best Foreign Film Costume Design
- The film was shown on RAI Television Ladina of Bolzano in the original Ladin version and on the RAI Television Sender
  Bozen of Bolzano with sub-titles in German.
- it was presented:
- in the central site of the CAI in Milano –V.Emanuele Gallery– at the international event Montagna Libri Milano (2006),
- at the summer –cultural festival Dia de la cultura– in Alghero in Sardegna in the central site of the catalanic
  minority (2006),
- at the Palio dei Dieci Comuni in Montagnana (2006)
- at the Faculty of Humanities and Philosophy of the University of Trento (2007)
- at the Minority Film Festival in Husum in Frisien (2008)
- at the Festival of Languages in Bremen (2009)
The film was producted thanks to the financial support by: Assessorat ales Mendranzes dla Regiun Trentin-Südtirol
Rai ladina - Balsan
Rai Sender Bozen
Fondaziun Cassa de Sparagn da Balsan

The promoters:

Susy Rottonara
Born the 26.07.1979 in Milan. Degree with distinction in foreign languages and literatures in Trento, thesis on German philology. Degree in piano and singing at the Conservatory of Music in Trento with national and international artistic experience (www.susyrottonara.com).

Roland Verra
Author of various books, radio and television - programs.

Hans Peter Karbon
Born on 3 January 1966, cameraman, author and producer of a variety of movies for the RAI Radio Televisione Italiana, experiences in foreign countries like Bielorussia, Russia, Spain, Austria and Germany. He operates in many areas like art, extreme sport, culture and fiction.

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