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The association Fanes is a cultural association founded the 10 th of January 2006 in La Ila (BZ) on the initiative of Susy Rottonara, Roland Verra and Hans Peter Karbon, after the production of their film, Le Rëgn de Fanes ( The Reign of Fanes ), the first Ladin film about the most famous legend in Dolomitic Ladin tradition, the legend of Fanes, which involved actors and collaborators from various Ladin vallies and celebrated its cinematographic premiere the 26 th of November 2005 in La Ila.

The members of the cultural association Fanes are mostly from the Ladin vallies and were directly involved in the production of the film The Reign of Fanes , but some are just fans of Ladin legends who didn't work at the filmic project.

The cultural association Fanes wants to promote and preserve the Ladin culture, especially Ladin legends and history. The first aim of this association is the promotion of Ladin culture in the Ladin area and beyond its boarders through various forms of art -filmic, literary, musical and art productions- and cultural events in collaboration with other cultural institutions as Universities, museums, libraries, festivals, meetings, cultural magazines and getting in contact with other linguistic minorities and legend-fans on national and international level. The symbol of the cultural association Fanes is a blue star on silver background as it was painted on the shields of Dolasila's warriors in memory of the princess and her Rajëta according to Wolff's writings. This symbol represents the engagement of the association for a living preservation of the tradition of Ladin legends. The President of the cultural association Fanes is Dr. Susy Rottonara.

Activities 2019:
Events 2019:

12/08: Presentation of the project Dolomites Legends – the places of the Ladin legends at the entry of the Nature Park Fanes- Sennes- Braies in S.Cassiano in Alta Badia on occasione of the year 2019 declared “Year of the the authochtonous languages” by the UNO.


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04/08: Parade about the Ladin Legends of the Dolomites in S.Vigilio di Marebbe

29/06: Parade about the Ladin Legends of the Dolomites in S.Vigilio di Marebbe on occasion of the 10 years of the Foundation Dolomites UNESCO

Activities 2018:
Events 2018:

In the context of the event Maran incunta la Ladinia (Merano meets the Ladinia) in the visual library of Merano:
28/09: Projection film Le Rëgn de Fanes and Fanes Poem Musical
26/09: The dream of Dolasila. The Ladin legends of the Dolomites in music and art


12/08: press conference on the Fanes’mountain on occasion of the European cultural year 2018. Multimedia projects about Ladin legends in collaboration with Progetti Wikimedia Italia.


12/04: The dream of Dolasila. Ladin legends at the Centro Trevi in Bolzano. In collaboration with the Società Dante Alighieri.


Activities 2017:

Events 2017:

10/11: The dream of Dolasila. Ladin legends in Milan. On invitation of the Cultural Commission CAI of Milan


Event – Concert The dream of Dolasila on the Fanes’ mountain
12/08, 14 – 18: Rifugio Fanes, Rifugio Lavarella, Lech Vërt Lake, Parliament of the marmots  
Original music, soprano, piano: Susy Rottonara
Presentation of the legend of the Reign of Fanes: Lia Culturala Fanes

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Activities 2016:

The dream of Dolasila
Multimedia  show on the occasion of the 10th year of the cultural association Fanes.

Text: Roland Verra, Susy Rottonara
Original music, soprano: Susy Rottonara
Orchestra Kleutrom
Conductor: Davide Lorenzato
Video with productions by the Cultural Association Fanes and artworks by Rott

08/05, 9 p.m.: Puccini Theatre, Merano
10/05, 9 p.m.: Cristallo Theatre, Bolzano
12/05, 9 p.m.: Festsaal Cusanus Akademie, Brixen
24/05, 9 p.m.: Teatro Filodrammatici, Milano

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Activities 2015:

26/01; 21:00: The Reign of Fanes in Milan
Presentation of the legend of Fanes and projection of the film The Reign of Fanes. Organisation by the Cultural Association Antropolis of Milan.

Expo Games:

13/02,4:30 p.m.: Projection of the film The Reign of Fanes in the Fair space of Bolzano
15/02, 11 a.m.: Presentation of the legend of Fanes and chess game with living figures dressed in costumes by the Cultural Association Fanes on the Piazza Vittoria in Bolzano


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21 – 24/04; 8:30 p.m.: Costumes by the Cultural Association Fanes in the Musical Poem Rundení de lijëndes (Echo of legends) staged in Ortisei and in S.Martino in Badia

09/08, 15:00 : Participation of the Cultural Association Fanes at the parade dedicated to Ladin legends in Colfosco



Activities 2014:
15/08: Partecipation of the Cultural Association Fanes at the big historical parade about Ladin legends in La Villa in Badia (BZ)

Fotos by Freddy Planinschek

In the Castle of Legends 2014


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Activities 2013:
Installation Dolasila
A multimedia installation of art, music and literature about ladin legends

15/02 - MART, Rovereto:
Dolasila: contemporary ladin impressions
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23/05 - Museum Fondazione Luciana Matalon, Milan:
Dolasila: the female figure in the ladin legends of the Dolomites
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06/08 – Pozza di Fassa (TN):
Dolasila at the Summer festival Sentes, stries y eroines – Saints, witches and heroines

In the Castle of legends 2013


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Activities 2012:
Fanes Poem Musical Winner – Music Production at the WOMEN AND MINORITIES IN MEDIA FESTIVAL 2012 - Towson University, MARYLAND (USA) >>

„In the Castle of Legends“  - event summer 2012

Pictures by Freddy Planinschek and Paolo Fusar Bassini

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Activities 2011:

Pictures by Daniel Töchterle


Activities 2010:
EVENTS SUMMER 2010 ...>>

Didactic material
about Ladin legends useful for CLIL lessons produced by Cultural Association Fanes,
Ladin Education Authority and Ladin Pedagogical Institute, presented at Palais Widmann in Bolzano on
the 22 th October and in the House of Culture in La Villa on the 27th October:

• Book: Fanes: Lijënda y Poem ( Fanes: Legend and Poem) by R.Verra

• CD of the premiere of the Musical Poem Fanes

• DVD of the Musical Poem Fanes (in four languages)

Activities 2009:
Fanes – The Musical Poem of the Dolomites

Lyrics and direction: Roland Verra
Original music, Soprano: Susy Rottonara
Choir: Cor dles Jones d’ Al Plan, Conducters: Inge Dejaco Ties, Herta Verra Feichter
Premiere: Sompunt Lake –Badia– 11/08/2009
Television Production: RAI TV Ladina, TV Director: Alessandro Dapunt, TV premiere 24/09/2009

We thank the Tourist Board Alta Badia and the Bank Foundation Stiftung Südtiroler Sparkasse

Activities 2008:

Multimedial event with the awarded music by Susy Rottonara at the Sompunt Lake, 13/08/'08

Lijëndes y cianties (Legends and songs)

Concert with the choir Pici ćiantadus d’ Al Plan, Fonso Willeit (Bariton), Susy Rottonara (Soprano), Ulrich Willeit (piano) and with the poet Christian Ferdigg – Al Plan, 27/11/’08, Bolzano Widmann Palace 29/11/’08 – at the presentation of the book for the schools in Ladin language about Ladin legends published by the Cultural Association Fanes in collaboration with the “Intendënza Ladina” with a critical introduction on Ladin legends by Roland Verra and songs by Fonso Willeit.
The book Lijëndes y cianties

Activities 2007:

Le Rëgn de Fanes:
winner for best film music at Renderyard Film Festival 2007

The organizer of the Festival Estefania Merino with Susy Rottonara
in the Soho Screening Rooms in London




download pdf : 400kb

Presentation of the film The Reign of Fanes and of the Ladin legends at the Faculty of Humanities and Philosophy at the University of Trento Susy Rottonara, Prof. Fulvio Ferrari, Prof. Fabrizio Cambi and Roland Verra

Activities 2006:


The promoters of tthe cultural association Fanes -Hans Peter Karbon, Roland Verra and Susy Rottonara


Presentation of the film The Reign of Fanes and of the Ladin legends in the central site of the CAI in V.Emanuele-Gallery in Milan on the 26 th of May 2006 -Roland Verra, Susy Rottonara and Marco Tieghi


Presentation of the film The Reign of Fanes and of the Ladin legends at the summer-culture-festival Dia de la cultura in Alghero in the central site of the catalanic minority -Susy Rottonara and Carlo Sechi


Presentation of the film The Reign of Fanes and of the Ladin legends at the vernissage of artistic furniture painted with scenes from the legend of Fanes by A.Badiello at the Palio dei 10 Comuni in Montagnana the 3 rd of September 2006 -Herta Verra Feichter, Alfredo Badiello and Susy Rottonara


The cultural association Fanes at the parade about the Reign of Fanes in Al Plan the 12 th of August 2006


General meeting of the cultural association Fanes the 22 nd of November 2006.


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